Host a Partnership Event with KAE

Co-Host or Sponsor a Partnership Event

Thank you for your interest in our Partnership Events! We currently offer 3 different types of experiences. Events are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please review the below options and let us know when, where and what you would like to host. We will either create a ticket option for your specific event that can be purchased on our website or issue your company an invoice if you plan to pre-pay.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

1. Group Workshops

We are happy to come to your location (or invite you to ours) and offer a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Workshops include a live tutorial, and all supplies (such as: fresh flowers, floral sheers, vases, or other floral-themed items and products) needed to make a seasonal arrangement or gift.

Group workshops require a minimum of 6 attendees and are $75 per person. Tickets can be pre-purchased by your company and resold to attendees or can be purchased directly by the attendees via our website.

Beverages, snacks, charcuterie boards or other provisions are an additional $35 + per person. We are happy to set-up, organize and clean-up all items after use.

2. Culinary Experiences

We proudly partner with local chefs, restaurants and catering companies to produce one-time culinary experiences.

These events can be set-up on site at your location (or you can join us in our garden for ones we may be hosting directly).

Also known as a supper club, our culinary experiences are designed to bring a central theme to the dining table. Using locally sourced ingredients, we center each supper around an inspired theme.

Everything from the cocktails, florals, appetizers, main course and beyond all tie into the seasonal theme of the dinner.

Pricing starts at $275 + per person. A minimum/maximum guest list of 10-20 persons is required.

Tickets can be pre-purchased by your company and resold to attendees or can be purchased directly by the attendees via our website.

3. Seasonal Pop-Ups

Want fresh wrapped bouquets designed on-site for your guests, customers, residents, or employees?

We are happy to bring our flower shop to you! This fun and interactive experience can help draw attention to your business, workplace or event. We will arrive with 3-6 buckets of premium, locally-grown blooms. Hand-tied bouquets will be made on-site and available for direct purchase.

Available June-October.

4. Promotional Giveaways & Discounts

We frequently partner with other local businesses in the Downtown area to cross-promote and support one another. KAE offers a complimentary 10% off Discount (on all products shown on our website) for general promotional use to businesses with a physical retail or business location in downtown Colorado Springs. KAE will create a custom 10% off discount code for your business which can be shared with your audience.

KAE also offers 3 partnership giveaways per year. These giveaways are exclusively available to KAE clients who have signed up to receive standing orders and hold a current account with us. These giveaways can be used to promote your business and are chosen based on your target audience.


Get Started

If you would like to book us for any of the above opportunities, please reach out to with your specific request and for availability/scheduling.