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Business-Business Industry Workshop

Business-Business Industry Workshop

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We are so very excited to host this year's FIRST Business-Business Industry Workshop!
This workshop is designed specifically for our fellow industry partners who may already use our Business-Business Planning Services or who are interested in learning more about the topics below!
  1. Dare to Be Different (Finding your inner inspiration and embracing it fully)
  2. Thinking Outside of the Floral Industry (The benefits of structuring and viewing your business like a non-floral business)
  3. Enjoying Your Journey Through Floral Design (A non-invasive approach to enjoying your present and the hard work that's brought you to this point)
  4. Implementing Multi-Systems for Your Solopreneurs Self (Tools and tricks to save time and maximize efficiency)
  5. Providing a 5-Star Support System (How your fellow vendors and freelancers are your number one clients)
  6. Channeling the Golden Rule (In both yourself and in your designs)

Workshop Location: KINDLE Studio & Event Space (511 N. Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Members recieve a 30% off Discount.

Date to be announced soon!

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