About Us

We invite you to pause and take a second to ask yourself these two questions: What are the things in life that inspire me the most and when was the last time that I looked for inspiration outside of those usual places?

It was (and still is) our personal answers to those questions that willed KAE into existence in the first place and that continue to be a driving force for us in all that we do.

Here at KAE (pronounced kay), we master the art of daydream. We pursue the joy of finding humor in the little things. We cultivate nuance and we celebrate the beauty that's in and around each of us, including you.

We are a team of honest creators, and our work has always taken us down paths that even we at times would have never dreamed of.

We are currently designing/producing creatively inspired weddings, corporate events, student courses, art exhibits, advertising campaigns + more.

We are also pleased to announce that we are working on a creative service designed specifically for businesses in the events industry so stay tuned for that one!

Our work knows no bounds and is regularly featured in a wide variety of both print and online publications.


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